About Our Facial Paralysis Specialists

Dr. Rozen and his staff

Facial paralysis and synkinesis can be a very challenging and frightening experience, whether you, your child, or a loved one is the patient. The causes for these conditions may often be quite difficult to diagnose and the treatment complex because each patient is affected differently. As leaders in facial paralysis and synkinesis treatment, Dr. Shai Rozen and a multidisciplinary team of specialists at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center offer expertise, compassion, and hope. They have helped many patients from all over the world improve facial function, balance, and self-confidence with a range of the latest treatment options available. We welcome you to learn more about us.

Our Philosophy

Our ultimate goal in the treatment of facial paralysis and synkinesis is to bring the patient as close as possible to their pre-paralysis appearance and function; we do everything in our power to help our patients get back as close as possible to normal. The causes of facial paralysis differ widely. Although there are many similarities among facial palsy patients, each is quite unique in the way they present and their specific problems. By seeking care as early as possible from doctors with expertise in a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical treatment options, patients can optimize their recovery.

Our Multispecialty Team

At UT Southwestern Medical Center, we have a close-knit team of specialists that includes:

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeons
  • Neurotologists
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Neurologists
  • Radiologists
  • Specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Nurses

This diversity of specialties allows us to effectively treat complex problems as a team, depending on the specific patient presentation. It also allows patients to be seen by several specialists who communicate with each other on a regular basis, all under one roof with short wait times. Learn more about our team by visiting the following pages:

Review patient testimonials to learn how our group has helped improve the lives of our many patients.

Our World-Class Facility

At UT Southwestern Medical Center, our facial paralysis specialists not only diagnose and treat complex problems, they do so as efficiently as possible in one convenient location. We take special care to minimize the time it takes to perform evaluations. When patients require treatment from multiple surgical teams, we coordinate their care to optimize efficiency.

Because we often see patients from distant locations in the United States and other countries, we offer travel guidance and interpreters. We make every effort to minimize the number of visits needed.

Learn more about our clinic and UTSW Clements University Hospital.

Next Steps

For more information about the facial paralysis and synkinesis specialty group at UT Southwestern Medical Center, request a consultation to meet with Dr. Rozen.