How does one thank the person who gave you your smile? My gratitude goes beyond works for your skill and expertise. You and your staff have been wonderful. You have given me the miracle that I thought would never be possible. I am tremendously grateful for Dr. Rozen’s expertise and quality of care I received from him and his staff. Through this surgery, Dr. Rozen has given me much more than just the ability to smile. He has given me my life back. I know beyond a doubt that I have seen the best of the best. Thank you Dr. Rozen and the staff at UT Southwestern for making it possible for me to smile again!  

Katie Bangert

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you did for Bryan and our family. We know you went to great lengths and took personal time to make the situation a little easier. I know Bryan did not express it very much, but I know beyond his “tough guy exterior” right now, he is very thankful for you and will never forget this experience in his life. Thank you for your time and patience with us. You made this time a little – more like – a lot smoother! I felt very comfortable with you, and I cannot say thank you enough. You made me smile and we are thankful for you.


Thank you for all your help with improving my quality of life. It amazes me that my left eye lid can already close, and my eye can tear. I look forward to seeing my smile. I hope you enjoy the Challah.

Rachel Berger

Words can’t express my thanks for you for all you have done to give me my face back – smile. Your commitment, compassion, and endless dedication is still changing my life and others. I thank God for the gift he has placed into your life and thank you for your humble and committed use of it to help others. Hopefully someday the stories of your work will encourage the hearts of thousands.

Susan Martin

As you know my medical story began in 1990 at the age of 52. I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. I chose to have it treated with the Gamma Knife in Dallas. Six months to the day after treatment, the side effects began; extreme pain in my left eye, trouble swallowing, and pain in my face. As time passed, I lost sight in my left eye and it drooped terribly; liquid and food ran out of my mouth. Nineteen years later, 1990, I decided to have my face cut and pulled up by a local plastic surgeon, who later advised me to go to UT Southwestern. Well, that’s when I met you Dr. Rozen. Oh, happy day! You asked why I wanted surgery and I told you “so I can smile again”. During the past five years, you have performed numerous surgeries and the results are beyond my wildest dreams. I can smile again!  Words are not adequate to express my gratitude. I’ll just say, you’re the greatest and I love you dearly.

Rose Anne Blackwood

Just wanted to send along this little note enclosed with a huge heartfelt Thanks. I cannot tell you just how much your personal attention to Laurell made such a difference in her life, it changed her whole attitude all for the better and mostly concerning her treatment because of you it wasn’t as scary for her and she actually looked forward to seeing you. I guess you made her feel safe-it really meant a lot to her that you took the time to talk to her, to make her understand; as a mother it means the world to me. There are no words to truly express just how much they meant to use both.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Dr. Rozen: The card says it all!!! I am so happy with the surgery results, and it’s only been 2 weeks. You have truly made me a happier person by giving me a smile back. I will never be able to repay you! You are an amazing doctor and I’m so happy to call you my doctor! Just can’t thank you enough.

Kayla Bentley

Thank you for all that you have done for us. You have always helped and answered all our questions and you made sure that we fully understood everything. You made this treatment for Alyssa a better experience. We never felt alone in this process. Thank you! We wish you luck in your future and hope many great things come your way.


I wanted to say a special thank you, not only for your expertise but also for your exceptional care and caring manner. Thank you for putting me on a path towards wholeness. You are a blessing.


Thank you so much for working so hard to help me to get my smile back. Thank you for being patient with me and for giving me hope when no one else did. I thank God that I have you!


No words will ever be able to express my thanks for your part in my healing journey. My prayer is that God will show you more as you help patients and teach others. Joy and all blessings now and in 2021.


I can’t thank you enough for helping Joe. You’ve given him the hope he needs to keep making progress. The difference between the time he first saw you and now is dramatic. We are so grateful for you. We are so grateful to you and your team. Everyone in your office is just lovely. You are, without a doubt, a brilliant and talented physician and surgeon – but, it’s also good to be nice, and that you are! You are so greatly appreciated by all the Thomason family!

Dr. Rozen is highly competent, caring, and responsive. The only word that comes to mind is fantastic.

Very thorough. The appointment was well documented, and notices were sent in a timely manner. very compassionate and pleasant visit.

I have been coming to Dr. Rozen for 7 years. It’s always good to see my friends! I have never received anything but excellent care from Dr. Rozen and his staff.

Dr. Rozen is an excellent doctor. He explains my diagnosis clearly & detailed treatment. I am very blessed that I found him.

Happy, happy, happy, and confident of Dr. Rozen’s expertise and concern for the best treatment/procedures for my medical concerns.

Very patient and friendly, explained surgery options in great detail and in a way that was easy to understand. Did not rush at all – gave me plenty of time to ask questions.

Dr. Rozen always shows care and concern for me. He has excellent communication and relates to what I am going through each time while addressing any and all concerns.

I was so pleased with *Dr. Rozen’s thorough exam and the amount of time he spent with me and answering all my questions. I was very impressed.

Special thanks to my surgeon (*Dr. Rozen) for an excellent job, and nurses for being very helpful with all my concerns. 

I have been a patient of Dr. Rozen’s for 3 years. Dr. Rozen and his entire staff has been the BEST!

Dr. Rozen and his whole team are amazing.