Post-Paralysis Facial Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery of the face is an essential component of aesthetic facial reconstruction. The goals for every facial palsy patient are to achieve an appearance as close as possible to normal and to maximize facial aesthetics and harmony. To accomplish this, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and leading facial paralysis surgeon Dr. Shai Rozen applies aesthetic principles in all of his facial paralysis patients from around the world, similar to those he uses in his aesthetic patients in Dallas, to improve facial symmetry, harmony, and to feel more confident.

Dr. Rozen in scrubs posing in the operating room
Facial Paralysis Surgeon

Dr. Shai Rozen

Dr. Rozen is a board-certified plastic surgeon who co-created a facial paralysis specialty group with colleagues from otolaryngology & neurosurgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

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Procedure Options

  • Facelift restores an attractive, more youthful appearance that looks natural, not operated on, and makes patients feel more confident.
  • Neck lift, often performed with a facelift, can make the neck look more natural in patients with synkinesis and flaccid paralysis. It is also a rejuvenating procedure for patients with and without palsy.
  • Brow lift improves the appearance of the forehead and eyebrows by balancing the normal side and the paralyzed side. It’s important to coordinate this procedure with brow asymmetry procedures.
  • Eyelid surgery rejuvenates the upper and lower eyelids and is an essential part of improving the balance between the appearance of the eyes when performed with eyelid procedures on the paralyzed side.
  • Rhinoplasty improves the function and shape of the nose for patients with and without facial paralysis to improve breathing and facial aesthetics.

Dr. Rozen also performs procedures to address lower lip asymmetry that may be included in an aesthetic facial reconstruction plan for facial paralysis patients.

Next Steps

For more information about facial rejuvenation and enhancement procedures, request a consultation to meet with Dr. Rozen at UT Southwestern.